20 Must Have Craft Tools & Supplies For Paper Projects

It’s difficult to be a crafter ready to craft if you don’t have the right tools.  I’ve made a list of 20 must have tools and supplies for any paper craft projects.

Cutting & Scoring

Paper trimmers

A paper trimmer is a must for card making and scrapbooking. It keeps your edges straight and square, and makes cutting so much faster.

Good paper trimmers are sturdy and long lasting and will cut straight lines quickly and these are perfect for cutting invitations, trimming signs, bottle wrappers, etc.


If you want to get serious crafting, you need invest in few pair of scissors and stay away from cheaper options. A great pair of scissors not only will last you longer but your cutting will be so much easier.

  • Straight Scissors: Perfect for cutting out big shapes and for long straight cuts.
  • Microtip Scissors: Ideal for cutting intricate details. I use them to clean off edges of miniature die cuts.
  • Pinking Shears: Ideal to cut a zig zag pattern on fabric and ribbon, to minimize fraying.

TIPS: Choose one pair for paper and another for fabric and ribbon. Don’t use your paper scissors, which will eventually become dull, to cut fabric; they can create pulls.

Circle punchers

If you are going to cut a circle, you want to make sure that it is a perfect circle. To make that perfect 360 circles without these will drive you bonkers. This handy gadget makes them small, makes them large, it makes them from any paper your heart desires. And, it makes them quickly.

Craft knives (X-acto)

A craft knife is useful for making small, delicate and precise cuts. It’s a must have if you are into paper cutting crafts.

Hints:  Get our SVG cutting files in PDF format and cut them using craft knife if you don’t own a die cutting machine.

Cutting mats

Perfect for accurate measuring and cutting, a cutting mat is a must. Use them to protect your table top from blades, writing instruments and other art and craft tools. Also, your craft knife works best when used with a cutting mat.

Scoring tools

Scoring is very important when folding paper.  A scoring board is a magnificent tool to make crisp folding lines on your paper or cardstock. With a scoring board you can make cards, envelopes, gift boxes, or simple folding lines on a piece of paper.

Scoring is quite easy to do. The more you do it, the easier it will become. With practice you will know how little or how much pressure to make on to your paper. Practicing on some scrap paper at first will be helpful until you get the hang of it.

You can get unexpected results like tearing, cracking or wrinkles on your paper without scoring.

Adhesives & Glues

Hot glue guns

For arts and crafts and quick, easy patch-ups, nothing beats a hot glue gun. Use it to adhere fabric, paper, plastic, wood, etc. The beauty of the hot glue gun is that is easy to apply, clean, and dries quickly.

You want one that

  • heats up quickly and lights up when heat is on
  • glue sticks go in easily and smoothly
  • fast & easy to maneuver
  • trigger easy to pull with a nice slow flow
  • great cord length

Tape adhesive runners

When attaching photos and paper to cards, scrapbook pages and gift bags, you can’t use school glue or tape. What you want is something lightweight but strong enough to hold paper together.

Tape runners come pre-filled with a roll of adhesive tape. As you run the dispenser along paper, the tape will apply a smooth line of adhesive.

Liquid adhesive

Try liquid adhesive for embellishments with dimension, like buttons, flowers or beads. Once dry, they can be very strong and give your project the extra strength it needs.

Use caution when using this type of adhesive on photos or paper, as it can apply unevenly.


Adding dimension to paper crafts can produce stunning results. Foam adhesive is the best way to add dimension to any project. You can find foam tape in small ready-made squares or in large rolls, which you can cut pieces from.

Mod podge

If you don’t have a large bottle of Mod podge then you just aren’t crafting hard enough. Mod podge is a decoupage medium.  In other words, is an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish. You can use it to glue together pieces of paper, or fabric and you can also use it to glaze it on top of your finalized project to add a finished look.

Papers & Cardstocks

Text weight paper

Text weight paper is great for things like stationery sheets, envelopes, bottle wrappers and any project that does not require a sturdy paper media.

  • Photo paper: If you are making printables, use photo paper as they will look much more vivid.


Heavy weight paper is great for things like paper toys, boxes, party hats, and any project that requires a sturdy paper media. Keep a supply of 8.5″ x 11″ smooth, white cardstock on hand for making cards. Cutting one of these pages in half and folding it makes the perfect sized card.

  • Smooth cardstock: Ideal for card making because you can write your sentiment on the inside easily.
  • Textured cardstock: Best for decorating and embellishing.

Patterned paper

For beginners, buy papers that come in a collection. This way, all the colors and patterns will coordinate and your craft will look more cohesive. Once you’re comfortable mixing patterns and colors, it’s fun to branch out and mix collections.

Modern craft machines

Eletronic cutting machines

These die cutting machines just make your crafting easier. They are designed to cut materials, such as paper, fabric, or metal, to a specific shape.

You can get digital dies come in all shapes, sizes, and designs to use with these machines.

Printers & scanners

Crafting in a modern world takes some modern tools.  It’s essential to have a photo printer for scrapbooking. use scanner a lot to scan images out of old books or textures for collages.

You can also create your own embellishments or stickers with print and cut method by using these cliparts.


Pen, markers & pencils

A good set of markers should be in every crafter’s closet. Permanent markers come in every color of the rainbow. Pencils are great marking tools and pens can put beautiful words down on paper.

Paint & paintbrushes

You don’t need fancy oils or expensive acrylics, but it’s good to always have some paint on hand for a fun project. Pick up an inexpensive set of basic colors to begin with.

Brushes aren’t just for painting, they are good for applying glue and cleaning up messy projects too.

You can buy a cheap set of brushes and sponge brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes and always have them on hand.

craft-tools-embellishments - SVG Cut Files


Most craft projects need an embellishment of some kind. Always have an assortment of embellishments on hand. Beads, buttons, glitter, ribbons, lace, and other fun things are always good to have on hand.

craft-tools-washi-tapes - SVG Cut Files

Washi tapes

What crafter doesn’t love washi tape? They are so versatile – use it as a border, a background, or just go willy-nilly!