Who Am I


Founder/Creative Director

TotallyJamie.com is a design studio focused on designing stock illustrations and licensing art for the digital crafting industries. I am a self-taught digital designer who sometimes dabble in the dark arts of web coding.

I believe that if one has ideas and imagery and lots of passion, technique and skill will follow.

What I Do

I have licensed my stock illustrations on microstock agencies like shutterstock.com to adorn digital media, stationery, product packaging, giftware, home decor items and more for merchandising in several countries.

My irresistible designs feature cute cartoon animals, fun expressive characters, bright and vivid patterns and bold retro-inspired art.

I also sell digital die cutting files for craft, scrapbooking and DIY projects at my online shop.

Occasionally, I will work on logo branding and custom illustrations for selected clients from small business, exciting new online startup, established medium sized company to international corporation.

Accolades & Clients

My overall approach to branding and design have gained wonderful clients ranging from Target, E-news, Intel, Kimberly Clark, Silhouette America and more.

My work also has been featured on an Emmy award winning American television variety show Hitrecord on TV: Season 1 and several HitRecord’s print publications like the Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Vol 1 and HitRecord Recollection Vol. 1.



Logo Design
Character Design
Art Direction
Packaging Design
Website/App Design
UI Design
Adobe Creative Suites: Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign

My Design Philosphy

The importance of the three C’s of Design. A design succeeds when the following three C’s of design working in unison around a properly identified audience and purpose.

Concept: Abstract elements of theme, message and style.
Composition: The way in which the visual elements are combine and arranged.
Color: Color choices influence mood, emotion and tone.

And always remember that less is always more.